A Brand Profile

Faye uses as horoscope to give input for creating a brand profile for you or your company.
For a company she uses the registration or start date of an organisation. Personal branding is based on your birth data.
For personal or company branding, a brand profile describes:
  • what you really want to be known for
  • the legacy you would like
  • the image you have
  • the reputation you want.
The result might be:
  • colours or images that you like
  • a description of what Web designers call “look and feel”
  • ideas for a logo • ideas for a tagline.
This profile can then be given as a brief to a designer developing your brand.
Strut Your Stuff also has links with designers, web-builders and text writers. We know their quality. And after getting a definition of your brand profile you will know what to ask of them or your own designers and builders.